Resident Comedy Night

‘Stay in for a night out’ with our hilarious Resident Comedy Night

(Packages Below)

Happy residents and leasing professionals

Listen to what residents and leasing professionals from all over the country have to say about our Resident Comedy Nights

Resident Comedy Night Packages

Choose your package below to reserve the funnest resident event in the country. 

The Bronze Package
Includes an hour of comedy from at least one hilarious and professional comedian. No vulgar or offensive material.
We call it ADULT – PG
$ 350 .00
The silver Package
Includes at least 2 professional comedians with an hour and 20 minutes of comedy.  Again, very funny and nothing vulgar or offensive.
$ 450 .00
The Gold Package
Includes at least 2 comedians, an hour and 20 minutes of non offensive comedy PLUS a DJ to play music during the social hour.
$ 650 .00

Budget Constraints?

Here are a few ideas we have found to be very useful for communities given a tighter budget.
(Offers can not be combined)

Vendor Sponsorship

Vendors will jump at the idea of partnering with you.  AT&T, Spectrum, CORT, Verizon, BG Staffing, Comcast, Google Fiber are just a few that have. 

Group Discount

When you and a sister community book with us; receive $25.00 off any package. 3 or more sister communities and receive $50.00 off any package! 

Book 3 get 1 FREE

Contract three shows with us throughout the year and we will perform your fourth show for FREE. One show a quarter tends to be the ideal timeframe. 

A few things to consider

A few items that will help us ensure the highest quality resident event you’ve ever had.


A social hour with drinks and such prior to the show is a great opportunity for residents to mingle and get to know each other.

Not to mention a great way to give folks who may be running late a chance to get to the show on time.

Some communities cater the Social Hour with fancy food and wine, some order pizza and beer and some just have chips and sodas.

It all depends on what you guys think your residents would enjoy which is why we leave the food and beverage up to you.

Tip: Food trucks have been a very popular choice. Residents love the food and there’s no fuss for you.

The Show

We bring our own sound equipment if need be and will work with you on the best location for the performance area.

Unlike other events, comedy is best served in a more intimate setting. Although we have played many outdoor shows and they have been great, indoor shows are more impactful. 

Outdoor shows can lend themselves to possible distractions that can take away from the quality of the show.

That being said, we’re pros and regardless of what area of your community we set up in, we are still going to have a blast with your residents.  

Just an fyi

Although we play every single day of the week and just about any hour of the day, we have found the most popular day of the week is Thursday followed by Wednesday. 

The most popular start time during the week tends to be the social hour starting at 6 and the show at 7.

Weekend shows tend to start the social at 7 and the show at 8. 

This being said, we’ll play whenever works best for you. 

One last thing

Our comedians are hilarious AND professional. We understand the environment we’re going into so you won’t need to worry about vulgar or offensive material. 

In order to assure the highest quality show for everyone involved, we ask that talking during the show is kept to a bare minimum.

As professional comedians we are trained to deal with hecklers but when it comes to kids and pets…we can’t compete.  We’re happy to have them present but if things become disruptive it’ll ruin the show for the rest of the audience. 

Are you ready to experience the hottest resident event in the country? Click the BIG RED BUTTON and let’s get this party started!