The Comedy Cartel: Stay in for a Night Out!

The FUN Starts Here!

Residents are thrilled to have a stand up comedy show in their club-room

The coolest resident event on the planet.
Fun, convenient and affordable

‘Stay in for a night out’  with our incredibly popular Resident Comedy Night.


Have you ever wondered “hey, what would be a great resident event idea?”

Well, With our Resident Comedy Night you need not wonder anymore. 

We provide a hilarious and professional stand up comedy show with some of the funniest comedians touring the country today AND, we bring the show to you. Pretty cool, huh?

Plus, our shows are adult PG so you won’t get any vulgar or offensive material.

What you will get is a great night of hilarious comedy and very happy residents.

Not to mention top notch quality service at a price that may surprise you.

The multi family’s hottest resident event. 

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Here are just a few of the communities we’ve played.  Are you on the map? Call or email today.

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