Larry “Bubbles” Brown

Larry Bubbles Brown is a San Francisco based comic who flourished during the 80’s comedy boom that produced great comics like Robin Williams and Dana Carvey.
He got stuck with the nickname “Bubbles” because, well, he isn’t. fter a series of Kafkaesque payroll jobs for the Federal government, he tried stand up at the Holy City Zoo in SF in l98l.
In a few months he was making some money then rode the comedy boom of the 80’s.
That comedy boom crashed in the 90’s because as he points out, “Anything in life you like will be taken away from you.” Though the boom ended, Brown stayed at it because as he says, “you can’t beat working half an hour a night.”
He has appeared on more than 25 tv shows, and holds the record for longest time between appearances by a comic on the David Letterman Show.
He is a frequent opener for Dana Carvey, Dave Attell, Rob Schneider, and Felipe Esparza. He released his first CD in 2020. Can currently be heard on Dana Carvey’s podcast