Resident Comedy Nights = Resident Retention

The FUN Starts Here!

Residents are thrilled to have a stand up comedy show in their club-room

The coolest resident event on the planet.
Fun, convenient and affordable

‘Stay in for a night out’ with our wildly popular Resident Comedy Night.


Coming up with great resident events may have been overwhelming and daunting in the past but not anymore.

The Comedy Cartel provides you with a hilarious and professional stand up comedy show with some of the funniest comedians touring the country today. Resident appreciation at it’s finest. AND, we bring the show to you. Pretty cool, huh?


We understand the environment we’re going into.  

Our shows are adult PG so you won’t get any vulgar or offensive material.

What you will get is a great night of hilarious comedy and very happy residents.



Our packages are extremely fair but if you have budget constraints we have solutions.

Group discounts with sister communities go over very well.

Not to mention we have several corporate sponsors who serve the multifamily industry and who love to help out with resident events. 

Quality Service

We’ll also provide you with FREE promo material to help ensure the highest resident turnout possible. Can you say Resident Retention?

No need to worry about sound equipment either.

Simply pick a package, date and start time and we’ll take it from there.



Click here for more information on how our Resident Comedy Nights typically run and a detailed breakdown of our packages.

Resident events will never be the same after this.


Serving the multifamily, single family, senior and student living communities nationwide. 

We are approved vendors with Compliance depot as well as RMIS. 

COI and W9 gladly provided. Just ask and we’ll send it to you. 


What the industry is saying.

“The Comedy Cartel did a fantastic job entertaining our residents! I had a couple of residents approach me after the show to rave about how awesome it was. Thank you once again to Kevin! I would love to do this again in the fall”!
Shenika B
Resident Representative
"We had so much fun with the comedians that we immediately booked another show for June. Residents thoroughly enjoyed the evening. We definitely found our go to resident event".
Julie P
Property Manager
"We weren't sure how this would turn out since we had never done anything like this before but we had almost 80 residents show up! Everybody had a blast and residents have already told me they want to do it again! Thank you, Kevin"!
Jenn S
Leasing Professional

Just a few of the communities we've played. Call today to get on our map!

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