This page will give you an idea of how our resident comedy nights typically run.

Social Hour:

We have found a social hour with drinks and such prior to the show is a great opportunity for residents to mingle and get to know each other.

Not to mention a great way to give folks who may be running late a chance to get to the show on time.

Some communities cater the Social Hour with fancy food and wine, some order pizza and beer and some just have chips and sodas.

It all depends on what you guys think your residents would enjoy which is why we leave the food and beverage up to you.

Tip: Food trucks have been a very popular choice.  Residents love the food and there’s no fuss for you.

The Show:

Our comedians are not only hilarious but professional as well. We understand the environment we’re going into so you won’t need to worry about vulgar or offensive material.

We bring our own sound equipment if need be and will work with you on the best location for the performance area.

The shows duration depends on which package you choose.

Our Bronze Package is one hour of hilarious comedy.

Our Silver Package is an hour and 20 minutes of hilarious comedy.

Our Gold Package is an hour and 20 minutes of hilarious comedy plus we’ll provide a DJ to play music during the social hour.

Added Bonuses:

1. We’ll provide you with promotional material to place around your property and/or email to residents as well as social media marketing.

2. We offer group and referral discounts too. (can not be combined with any other offer)

3. Plus, we have several corporate sponsors who love to participate in our shows and offer a handsome contribution. (Inquire within)

Pick a package, date and start time and we’ll get this party started. 

Call or email to schedule a Resident Comedy Night at your community today! 


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